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A Million Random Words

e-dition $5

Only available in e-dition; the print version would run 4,000 pages!

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Cripes, what can’t you do? Create “exquisite corpse” poetry. Seed your creativity by using some random number of random words as the basis for your next short story. Invent delightful party games. Tell fortunes. Give as a gift to your wise-ass Scrabble friends. Or just read aloud and laugh yourself stupid. The possibilities are endless (well, no, actually, they end at a million) when you buy and own your own copy of A Million Random Words. With this ebook on your smart phone or dumb phone or device, you’re never more than a tap away from an astounding new collection of uniquely assembled words and phrases. Can you say, “Waving plateglass forename salp, duckwalked supertonic guilty librettists?” You couldn’t before, but now you can!
A Million Random Words was created using a proprietary algorithm and has been meticulously copy-edited and vetted by the finest linguistic scholars. Attractively priced at just $5.00 – only $0.000005 per word – it offers a better cost-to-word than any book in the history of print, so order your copy today. The sooner you do, the sooner you can say, “Cathartic thrill columbic superwives pushrods” with the full courage of your convictions.


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