It’s just shocking and shameful that I haven’t updated this website in so long. I’m going to do better, I promise. Well, having posted new content exactly zero times in the past two years, I guess I’ve set a low bar for “do better.” Anyway, as some of you know, I’ve spent a good part of my Covidworld exile making portraits of myself — 100 in 100 days between April and July of 2020. Man, go figure. I can’t be bothered to update my own website, yet I can grind out 100 selfoids without missing a beat. I guess this shows us where my interests lie — in doing, not promoting. Be that as it may, below you will find all hundred heads, and soon you may even have the opportunity to get one — or all 100 — for your own. Look for an update on that in the next few weeks — or in 2022. -jv