Proud to announce that my new book, THE LITTLE BOOK OF STANDUP, is already an Amazon Bestseller, within the tightly confined ecosystem of books that I have personally written and sold. So I guess that makes it a self-defined bestsller, but is that okay? It seems like the worst sort of self-validation — “It’s a hit ’cause I say it’s a hit!” — or maybe it’s the best sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t know. I just know that I hate marketing like a cat hates baths, so anything I can do to inject a note of whimsy into the mix is a welcome addition — well, welcome to me at least.

As for the book, it’s actually already doing solid business, and that makes me happy. I had in mind to write a book that would help certain people at the exact moment that they needed certain help. I understand that in the universe of standup comics, there are some who won’t get me or aren’t ready for me, and then again there are some who are so far past me that they don’t need such help as I may offer. But then there are those in the middle — standup comic somewhere near the beginning of their practice and interested in advancing in it. Those are the peeps I’m trying to reach with THE LITTLE BOOK OF STANDUP, and if you fit that description, man, have I got a book for you.